Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sebastian Lemon One-Shot

Name: Alexandra (Alex)


Eyes are gold instead of red and also glow gold


You are short and curvy and slim

You are also a demon from hell and you left to search for a 'host' finding one almost instantly a nobleman of England who lost his family to murder and is seeking revenge.  Which you gladly offer your help to do so. 



{|{|Story Start|}|}

You and your 'master' were on your way to the phantomhive residence considering your master was going make some sort of deal with this ciel character.  "Alex" you turned your head towards him as he stared out into nothing "I forgot to mention that we are going to be staying at this residence for awhile considering we have to discuss the contract between our family businesses" you nodded "yes my lord" you answered.  An hour or so later you two have arrived at the residence you opened the door for your master as he stepped out.

"My lord is awaiting your arrival sir" you heard a voice from behind you turned to see a tall slim man with straight shiny black hair "I will go to him than" your master answered as he walked forward "Alex come along" you nodded as you followed passing by this strange man.  You felt his eyes on you and you could smell it on him too he was a demon just like you.  You smirked 'it seems this ciel character needed a little extra help' you thought as you reached to open the door when a gloved hand stopped you "allow me miss my master has instructed me to give our guests a good stay" you glanced at him as he smiled "of course" you said as you moved allowing this man in. 

You followed your master in as this butler was behind the two of you and you could feel his stare on you "lord phantomhive it is an honor" you looked to see a young boy with a cold look on his face "shall we begin" he said as your master nodded in agreement "Sebastian fetch us tea and make sure no on enters" "yes my lord" he answered and walked off.  "Alex" you turned to your master as Sebastian returned with the tea "you will help sebastian with his duties while we are here" you bowed your head in approval as ciel eyed you suspiciously.  "Well shall we leave them alex" sebastian said as you nodded and followed him out of the room. 

"So where do we begin" he turned to you and smiled "cleaning" you nodded as you followed him to the dining room where he handed you cloths you smiled kindly and took them as you began to wash down the tables and chairs as he began to clean the book shelf.  You two finished the entire mansion quickly as you stood behind him "and then" he turned to you when 'alex come here' you stopped and looked back as Sebastian also looked towards the way you did "it seems I am needed" he said as you nodded.  You two walked into the room as the two lords looked at you "I am ready for bed" they both said as you both bowed "yes my lord" you both said as you glanced at sebastian to see he also was looking at you with a smirk.

After getting your master ready for bed you wandered out of his room and into the dining room as you glanced around touching the little objects that were shown for display on the shelf.  "Touching things that don't belong to you is not good guest behavior" you smirked as you turned around "I apologize" you said with a bow.  "I wanted to ask where should I rest for the night" his smirk grew as he motioned you to follow him.  You followed him for awhile now and to some part of the castle you haven't seen all day.  Raising an eyebrow you glanced at the man in front of you "where are we going exactly" you asked as he kept quite. 

You frowned as you stopped which caused him to stop also "I aske-" you didn't finish as he was now in front of you with a smirk "why so many questions" he asked in a seduction tone.  You furrowed your brows 'he is acting so strange' you thought as his smirk grew wider "tell me what deal did you make with him" you blinked and crossed your arms "nothing for you to worry about" you quickly answered.  He stood straight as he began to walk again you still standing there he glanced back "come along" you sighed inwardly as you followed.

~~~Sebastian's thoughts~~~

You couldn't help but feel attracted to this little thing as you glanced back at her.  It was after all that time of the month and you were in heat.  I will have fun with this one cause I can smell it on her also that she too is in heat.  You smirked as you glanced back. 

Oh how fun this will be.

~~~Regular Pov~~~

You looked around admiring the architecture of this old place when suddenly you bumped into something hard.  You blinked and looked up to see sebastian with a smirk "we are here" you glanced over him to see a room.  You looked back at him and nodded "thank you" he smirked as you passed by him.  Turning the doorknob "I can smell it on you alex" you stiffened as you glanced back to see his eyes slightly glow red and a seductive smirk on his features.  You frowned "smell what?" you said in a serious tone as he slowly made his way to you "you are in heat yes" taken back you glared "no" you simply stated as you opened the door. 

Taking two steps in when you were roughly shoved against the wall shocked you looked up to meet glowing red eyes "you will be mine alex" he stated evilly as you growled lowly "like hell I will" you stated he smirked "are you really going to make us go through that process" he said in annoyance.  You blinked in surprise you knew what he meant.  If a male decides to mate with a female and if the female denies….well.  "Do wish for me to dominate you alex" he stated amusement clearly in his voice as you pushed him away "get off" you said dangerously as he was pushed away from your force.  He frowned "don't make this hard" he said as you crossed your arms over your chest "or what" you asked with annoyance as his smirk returned "or you will be punished my dear".

You glared at him as he was now right in front of you.  You seen his hand reach for you as you caught it your eyes glowed yellow "watch it" you growled as he frowned "I guess that’s that then" you blinked in confusion as he grabbed you and threw you onto the bed.  Before you even had the chance to get up he was on top of you with a slight smirk "you just made this fun for me" he whispered huskily as he pressed himself harder against you.  You looked in his eyes they were glowing red and yours glowing dangerously back "get off" you said again as he smirked "I can't do that" he said in a teasing tone.

You growled "and why not" he bent his head down and licked the shell of your ear "I've been searching for quite awhile you see" you blinked now curious "for" he smiled showing his fangs "a mate" your eyes widened as he pressed his lips onto yours roughly full of lust, desire, and need.  You groaned in anger as your eyes stayed open glowing as sebastian kept his stare on you eyes filled with hunger and amusement.  His tongue begged for enterance but you denied access he growled as he grabbed at your breast squeezing as you yelped in pain his tongue darted in your mouth.  He explored every inch of your wet cavern as you tried to hold back your moan.  Your demon kicking in more as you began to feel the need more. 

'Damn it'

He pulled away in the need of air as you panted "I will get you back sebastian" you growled as he chuckled darkly "that's what I'm counting on my dear" he whispered huskily as he began to lick, nibble, and suck on your neck.  You flinched as he found your soft as he smirked and paid really close attention to it.  You bit your lip as blood was drawn "don't fight it alex" he mumbled as his hand began to unbutton your maid dress.  He rubbed your breast roughly as you closed your eyes tightly trying to fight the moan that wanted to escape your lips.  He bit down on your neck whimpering as pleasure ran throughout your body. 

He ran his tongue up your neck while rubbing your breasts with now both hands.  Squeezing once in a while when your eyes snapped open revealing your glowing golden orbs. 

You lost control.

 Breaking free from his grasp you grabbed his neck and pulled him into a hot lusty kiss.  He smirked as he opened his mouth your tongues battling for dominance as he won.  You began to unbutton his coat as you removed it from his shoulders and scratched down his now bare chest.  He growled deeply as he practically ripped your dress off you pulled away and glared at him as he smiled "now I have to mend that" you mumbled as his smirk returned and claimed your lips. 

His hands wandered everywhere just barely touching your most sacred spot.  You groaned in frustration as his fingers just barely touched your moist cavern as he smirked looking over your body which now only held two pieces of clothing.  You smirked seeing the bulge in his pants he raised an eyebrow as you slipped your hand into his pants and stoked him.  Groaning he buried his face into the crook of your neck biting into your flesh groaning out of pleasure and pain as you unbuckled his belt and pulled it off as he unclasped your bra throwing it randomly.

His eyes flashed red with desire as your full breasts fell free "are you just going to stare" you asked words dripping with lust and desire.  You moaned as he began to suck on your left breast and rubbed the other.  You grasped onto his hair as you moaned loudly after he bit onto your nipple.  You underwear getting soaked in the process.  He rose back up and licked your lips teasingly "damn it Sebastian you don't have to tease anymore" he chuckled "but it's so fun watching you tremble under me" you glared as his smirk widened. 

  He pulled off your underwear rubbing your sensitive spot as you growled as you reached down and grasped onto his shaft and began to slowly pump up and down.  He panted as he allowed you to pleasure him.  You smirked mischievously and flipped him over his face was priceless as his eyes were wide in shock "your turn to be teased" you whispered as you crashed your lips onto his. 

Running your hands down his chest letting your nails slightly scratch as he growled into the kiss.  Easily slipping off his pants you kissed your way down his body to his boxers line as you rubbed his shaft through his boxers.  He moaned as you smirked and ripped off his boxer blushing at his size.  

You could tell he was smirking but turned into a moan as you licked him base to tip.  "Alex…don't…tease" you smirked and engulfed his member.  Bobbing your head sucking on him as his hands grasped onto your hair pushing your head further down as you deep throated him running your teeth on him on the way back up.  You could feel him pulsate and his member increased in size as you moved your head faster when he groaned loudly and came. 

You swallowed it all as you looked up and smirked triumphantly at him as he growled and shoved you down on the bed.  "My turn" he said as your eyes widened as he ripped off your underwear you moaned loudly as he shoved two digits into you and began to pump them slowly as he kissed around your inner thigh.  "What do you want alex" you looked to see he was smirking as you glared "what" he pushed in another digit as you whimpered "do you wish for me to claim you" you growled as he pumped faster as he chuckled as he stopped.  You pouted at the loss chuckling he placed your legs over his shoulder as your eyes widened "wait Sebastian i-ahhh!" you moaned loudly as he began to lick you.

He chuckled as you moaned from the vibrations of his voice "what is you answer alex" he shoved his tongue into you as you grasped his hair "nnng….i-I" he stopped "yes" he asked in a teasing tone "damn it sebastian take me" he wrapped your legs around his waist and smirked "as you wish" and with a powerful thrust was in you.  Your back arched as he chuckled darkly and began to pump in and out.  You grabbed onto his shoulders as he sped up his pace as you yelled in pleasure.

After what seemed like ages of moaning, groaning, and growling your end was nearing and you could tell sebastian's was also as his thrust were erratic.  You could feel him pulsate in you as he deeply groaned as he looked into your eyes red as your were gold as the two of you came.  He fell onto you his head in the crook of your neck as he panted harshly along with you.  

After awhile he finally rolled off and beside you as you turned on your side suddenly feeling exhausted.  He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you to him as he nuzzled your hair "you belong to me now alex…forever" he whispered as you sighed in annoyance "that's a long time" you grumbled sleep coming onto your tired form.  His chuckling was the last thing heard before drifting off to sleep.

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